When is the best time to seek my advice?

Great question.

The best time is before you complete your film. Because crowdfunding is linked to building your audience and using them to help distribute your film, there is no time that is too early. If you have already completed your film, bring me in when you are starting to think about a distribution strategy.

If you have already started distributing your film, I can help you figure out how to use the COD model. We will brainstorm how to improve your campaign, reach more people, and inspire more of your followers to help you distribute your film. We will identify what is unique to your film/campaign, where you feel stuck, your strengths, and how you can create the most successful campaign and experience.

I am eager to help you in any way I can. For maximum benefit, best to work with me at the beginning of your campaign and throughout your run.

Will this model work for your film?

Most films that have been funded by any kind of crowdsourcing and/or have a built in interested audience will be a fit for this model of distribution.  Even films that have received full funding from grants can work with this model if you get to know your core audience and are willing to build and maintain it. All films that have a clear Call to Action will work well. If you are motivated, you can motivate your tribe.




However, if you hate the internet, don’t enjoy interacting with your fans, and just want to hand your film over to a distributor,  this is not for you.

Does one size fit all?

Every film and audience is different, and will present unique challenges. At the same time, there is a formula to follow, which you can adapt for your specific campaign.

What about other kinds of screenings?

What if you don’t want to use COD? What about countries that do not have the COD model?
Organizations/individuals who prefer to screen the film outside of the COD? (conferences, private screenings in businesses, small indie theatres, etc.)

I can help you develop a digital screening package and system that is unique to your film that can include:

  • A hosting kit
  • Materials to help them promote their event (editable posters, memes, press releases, etc)
  • Template and system for subtitles
  • Pricing link
  • Screening license
  • System to upload/download your film to clients.
  • Suggestions for how to organize your screenings and revenue.

How much of a marketing budget do you need?

I had no marketing budget when I started. In fact, when I finished my film, I was in debt. If you have passion, determination and willing to play, you can succeed. That is the brilliance behind this kind of distribution — you are letting your fans do the work for you.

Your film not completed yet? Even better!

Many of the principles of COD apply to fundraising and pre-production. In fact, building your tribe and partnerships while making the film is essential to laying the foundation for the successful distribution of your film. I have helped filmmakers during all phases of pre-production through to distribution.

Can you make money with this model?

Yes you can! You can make, on average, about 20% of the total box office.  Plus, you are generating a buzz about your film so when you are ready to go to general release (DVD and/or stream) you will have built a bigger audience, which will increase traffic and sales.

Can I help you grow your audience beyond the COD platform?

Yes. The tribe building fan-based concept is the foundation behind crowdfunding. I can help you strategize your campaign and start to build and discover your audience from the beginning.

Am I available to do group presentations?

Yes! I can also present at workshops, in classrooms, film festivals, and more.

You hate social media. What to do?

I can teach you to embrace the internet but you must be willing to jump in and muck around a bit. Once you start to realize the potential of social media, and begin to build and connect with your tribe, it really can be fun. Seeing the dollars roll in helps too!

What do my services cost?

As an advisor, I would help you as little or as much as you need. I could guide you in setting up your campaign and strategy, throughout your campaign at regular intervals, and be available on a per need basis. I have different pricing packages depending on your campaign and your needs. My goal is to help you make money!